Reason #30: Where is the Quality?

53 Reasons NOT To Believe Khuzaima Qutbuddin

Having a majority is not in itself proof of Haqq. There is no disputing this position. However, for the leader of either a majority or a minority, the standing of his companions, the quality of his supporters, is a reflection upon himself. It could be said that, in part, the merit of your associates is comment on your own character and vision.

Hudaat Kiraam RA have always been surrounded by their noble disciples and followers, even if they were few in number.  History has noted that though Ameerul Muminen Moulana Ali SA had few devoted supporters of his cause after the demise of Rasoolullah SA, they were publicly known to be of righteous character and elevated status. They had served Rasoolullah SA with diligence and sacrifice, especially in the early battles of Islam. This is especially apparent in the time of Ameerul Mumineen’s khilafat when he received the support…

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