Reason #39: Ali b Ibrahim was the Ex-Mazoon of Syedna Abduttayyib Zakiuddin

53 Reasons NOT To Believe Khuzaima Qutbuddin

“Never in the 900-year history of Dawat has any Mazoon turned away from Dawat” – 

The Claimant, Ali b Ibrahim was Mazoon in the time of Syedna Abduttayib ZakiuddinRA

Note to reader: The historicity of Ali b. Ibrahim in this entry may not reflect the ideas and beliefs of other religious communities. Therefore, please take caution before reading if your personal view and narrative of Ali b. Ibrahim is different.

(Please refer to Reason #3)

Syedi Shaikh Qutub b. Suleiman writes in Muntaza al-Akhbar that:

“Ali b. Ibrahim, though from the Dai, in the second rutba (al Mahal al Saani), led himself to be tempted and seduced by material gain. He lay claim to the position of the Dai as he had done so before. He desired his Maula’s respected position for himself. He bragged about the wealth he had accumulated through improper…

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