Reason # 46: Of Titles And Entitlement – ‘Al-Walad al-Ahab’

53 Reasons NOT To Believe Khuzaima Qutbuddin

On the website Khuzaima Qutbuddin and his children allege:

“Syedna Burhanuddin: “my beloved son”—Prefacing Syedna Qutbuddin’s name, Syedna Burhanuddin said three times over, “my beloved son.” The term “son” has great significance in the Dawoodi Bohra Fatimi-Tayyibi theology, for it denotes the relationship between a Dai and his successor; in the same way as a father produces and raises his son to take his place in this world, so the Dai prepares his successor to take his place in the world of religion. The kitab the second Dai Syedna Ibrahim wrote for his successor is named ‘kanzul walad’ (A son’s [walad] treasure). Why else would Syedna Burhanuddin call his brother his son, and that too three times?”

In the claim above and in other instances, the Fatemi Davat website writers have repeatedly tried to portray that the bestowal of titles, honorifics and endearments on Khuzaima equate to nass being…

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