Reason #47: Witnesses Deriving Benefit

53 Reasons NOT To Believe Khuzaima Qutbuddin

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‘Suspicion cannot break absolute certainty’

This is a further rebuttal of KQ’s allegationthat ‘the mansoos alone to his nass’ can suffice without any other witnesses.

‘La yanqudh al shakk al yaqeen’ – لا ينقض الشك اليقين – [Suspicion or doubt cannot break absolute certainty].

This is a universal rule of Fiq’hAhl al Bayt (Fatemi Jurisprudence) that KQ has used to manipulate and fool his followers into believing his self-proclaimed lies.

In kutub al da’wah, such as Syedna al-Qaadi al-Nu’mans RA Kitab al Tahaaraat the rule is primarily mentioned with reference to wuzu. If one is certain that he or she has performed wuzu but is unsure whether or not his/her wuzuhas broken afterwards, the wuzu can be considered intact and Namaz can be offered. That is because la yanqudh al shakk al yaqeen; the doubt of hadath (an act that nullifies wuzu) cannot break…

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