#60: In Khuzaima We (dis)Trust

53 Reasons NOT To Believe Khuzaima Qutbuddin

In Response to Husain Qutbuddin

Husaain Qutbuddin states:

       To be Mazoon Mutlaq means to enjoy complete authority. Such complete authority must mean investment of complete trust by the Imam and his Dai. If such complete trust has been invested, then his word is absolute, he cannot stray.

Judging by the variety of fallacies presented in his videos, this definitely appears to be one area where he can claim irrefutable mastery in. Here, a crafty slippery slope is provided in which the rhetorical torrent of cause and effect might obscure a weak mind.

The Mazoon is limited by the authority and delegation of the Dai. If he had such complete authority as Husain claims, what would be the difference between the two entities? Khuzaima did not enjoy unlimited, unaccountable freedom in Dawat matters. But for argument’s sake, even if he did, it means that he was expected to serve effectively and…

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