Month: September 2014

Sharjah- City of Masjids & Female Huffaaz

Serendipitous Life


Many outside the emirate may not know but by the grace of Allah, Sharjah is not only blessed with countless masjids, but a majority of these masjids have some kind of Quran Memorization program for women.

The program is Awqaaf initiated/approved & is free for all. Every morning (usually after Fajr or by 7am depending on the masjid), you will see hordes of women walk to their neighborhood masjid with their mushafs in hand.

Every masjid has atleast one Awqaaf appointed female teacher. But depending upon the size of the masjid & number of students, there could be as many as 5-6 teachers who sit in circles with their students.

Each student is memorizing a different juz, at her own pace. The teacher takes the attendance, listens to each one, reviews the older portions & gives them their new lesson for the next day. The classes are held everyday except Friday & Saturday. After completion…

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